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There are many different ways to look at leadership and qualify what it is.

One of our favourite ways to measure true leadership is by how it feels – how does it feel when in a leadership position yourself or being lead by somebody else?

We love feeling as a measure here in The Mental Gym, because feelings don’t lie – they tell the true story as to what is going on behind the gates in your brain.

Words can be scripted, choices can be manipulated, actions and behaviours can be controlled.

Feelings, on the other hand, are raw, vulnerable, and honest.

That is because they tell the story as to how you’re influencing yourself psychologically – what beliefs you hold, your mindset, your perspectives on life.

How do true leaders show up emotionally?

Empowered, confident, inspired, courageous, yes, even vulnerable.

And the incredible part of experiencing a true leader show up this way is how their emotions spread and infect you – the ripple effect is powerfully felt by those they lead.

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