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You would be surprised at how many high-achievers actually come through our doors with hardcore ‘Imposter Syndrome’ going on in their mindsets.

We hate this mindset the most, because it absolutely stifles growth and achieving max impact with all your special gifts, talents strengths and attributes.

So what’s hiding out behind the scenes in this mindset?

-I don’t deserve to be here
-who am I to talk about this stuff?
-what if I mess up and they find out I’m a fraud?
-I’m not as good as everyone else is
-I’ll never be as good as him/her/them
-I’m only as good as my latest win
-even my latest wins are not proof that I’m good enough
-I don’t know enough, have enough experience, have enough credibility, etc.

You get the drill 

So how do we mind hack our way into this mindset so we can crack the code and turn things around in a quick and powerful way?

Remember who you are and why you are here. Reconnect with allllll the value that you bring right this second – all skills, talents, strengths, attributes, passions, purpose-drive missions – all that makes you FABULOUS YOU!!

As long as you step onto higher, stronger ground, with yourself, you will have all the confidence, inner-strength and power you need to show up and play your biggest game – guaranteed.

The Mindset Hack here is to show up fully congruent and authentic with who you really are, because there is no one like you, and showing up as you, fully and truly you, is proof that you are not and could not ever be, an imposter. After all, there is only one fabulous you!

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