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We absolutely love this Mindset Hack because it’s one we use in the chair every day with our high-performance clientele, one we teach them how to use themselves and heck, one that we use with ourselves too.

What thought, of allllll the 50,000-60,000 thoughts a day, mobilizes the urge to grow the most?

It’s that the thought that reminds you of why you’re growing in the first place? Why were you made, in all that gloriousness that is you? What’s the purpose behind you realizing your fullest potential as a human being?

And so, in true Mindset Hacking fashion and style, what does that all boil down to?…what one single thought can hack directly into that point of mental clarity?

“Why am I here?”

Remember, nothing mobilizes growth more than a sense of mission and purpose in this lifetime.

Seem simple? That’s the damn point. Seem powerful? That’s also the damn point.

Mindset hacking is a simple yet powerfully profound way into activating those core beliefs that will mobilize you in incredibly performance-enhancing, game-changing ways.

Let us know why you’re here before you go…

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