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This Mindset Hack is going to trip you up a bit if you haven’t heard of it before, so don’t be phased and above all, just stay curious (open and receptive).

Have you ever heard the expression “there is no such thing as reality – your perception is your reality.”

While that may sound crazy to you, it’s actually true. And here’s why…

-your perception is totally unique to you
-it’s based on your mindset, which is different from everybody else’s on this planet
-the way you filter information and experiences is through your belief systems (what things mean to you according to past conditioning)
-therefore your perception of how things actually are, happened or will happen is different than everyone else’s (unique to you) and therefore, perceives different realities

So what does all this mean?…

Most important take away is that your perception informs your reality.

What a wonderful Mindset Hack in and of itself – since we know we can brain train our mindset (our perception of things) to change, then that opens us up to the idea that we can change our reality too!

What a powerful realization eh friends?…and one that we will build on in the weeks to come, so stay tuned.

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