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You can’t train it if you don’t know what it is, now can you?

We get asked for clarification on this terminology all the time – which is always a tell/cue that the person asking probably isn’t mastering their mindset.

This is mucho importante friends – mindset runs the show on every result you have, are or will experience in this lifetime. So if excellence is what we want, if high-quality is what we crave – we simply must master the concept of Mindset.

So what is it?…Mindset is the playbook of beliefs that filters every choice you make, towards or away from any result. It’s the meaning you ascribe to choices before they’re made. It’s your subconscious blueprint, telling you where to go, what to do (or not do), what to build/create, what to run away from/towards – all of which inform how you feel.

Stay tuned as we hack the concept of Mindset throughout the rest of March – your feedback is gold to us, so make sure to leave a comment and let us know what you like and where you need help hacking your mindset.

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