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I had a powerful personal experience that I share with my clients. A few years ago, I sat at my desk feeling anxious, exhausted and questioning my life. Looking from the outside in though I had it all. I had reached the top. A Vice President for a global fortune 100 company. Success right? Far from it. .

I was so unhappy in my job, my life and I noticed that it was having a significant impact on my health, relationships and performance. I was working 80+ hours a week to keep up with the demands of the new role. Eventually it caught up to me. I was an emotional wreck. I was not showing up as my best self. While I was once a rising star jettisoning my way up the corporate ladder, I was now quickly spiraling out of control. What had changed? Simply put – I lost my passion. I had become a human doing not a human being. I lost sight of what fueled my soul. Sometimes, being at your lowest point can lead you down the pathway to your highest point. Why do I say that? Well, when you’re feeling so low and so unenthusiastic, it forces you to question what brings you joy. It compels you to discover where your passion lies and that, to me, is the key to success and performance.

I know my why. I’ve always known my why. I am a coach and teacher. I love helping people grow and succeed. Be the best versions of themselves. I no longer deny it or fear if I will make money doing it. I just do it, get success and one day at a time building the life of my dreams. .

When you know your WHY, you are better equipped and more confident to choose the careers, the jobs, and find the companies that align with what you believe. The result is finding greater fulfillment in the work you do. And that is key to living a high quality life experience (HQLE).
Next time you find yourself working hard on something and wondering if it is worth it, ask a couple questions. Is this something I really love? Is this someone else’s stress they are imposing on me? Why am I doing this, because I enjoy it or because I “must” do it? These might just help you get back to equilibrium.
My wish for you is to have the courage to follow your passion. Make 2019 a Stress-Less Success.

-Coach Karen

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