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In a society that values work above play, it’s a theme we see way too often in the chair that is single handedly roadblocking people’s performance – not valuing love enough.

Did you know that love is a need, not a want or a luxury?

The infamous Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory proves that love and belonging must be satisfied completely before a human being can evolve to self-actualization – realizing one’s highest potential.

So that is why we coach hard on this concept of love – we simply must condition our brains to seek out opportunities to satisfy this need if realizing our highest potential is the goal.

Whether that be surrounding yourself with the people that love you the most or prioritizing the time to engage in the activities you love most – high-performers must make the time to ensure this need for love is met consistently.

So we want to know – what do you do to prioritize this need being met in your life?…

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