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We are a little more than a week into February, the month of LOVE, so hopefully you won’t be too surprised to learn that we have decided to deep dive into LOVE as one of THE most important concepts in High-Performance brain training.

I know my athletes look at me sideways when I start coaching them on the concept of LOVE – saying “Susan, what the heck does love have to do with me playing my biggest game?”

That’s when I have to hit them with today’s brain training lesson in The Mental Gym, “What’s love got to do with it?” (click here or below to watch).

There is nothing more powerfully performance-enhancing than mastering this lesson – after all, love is one powerful neurochemical that is released from the brain when we are making key strategic decisions in our lives.

It’s also a human being need, which is requisite fuel for the brain that wants to unleash its highest potential (our specialty here in The Mental Gym 🙂

Let’s celebrate the month of love by cracking the hood on it and taking a deep dive exploration at this concept from all angles – need your help on this mission so hit play and see where I need you to jump into the conversation…

Your feedback is gold – can’t wait to hear it!

Until next time, make every performance count!

-Coach Susan and The Elite Dream Team

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