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We know, we know – you’re thinking “what does self-love have to do with high-performance and brain training in The Mental Gym?”

Our clients are always shocked when we tell them that self-love is one of THE most important brain training strategies in high-performance coaching. But trust us when we say that it is and it’s a powerful one.

The relationship you have with you and the way you feel about that relationship is a powerful predictor of how well you will perform and for how long.

The way you feel about you dictates the quality of every single decision you’ll ever make in your life – what foods you eat, what money you spend, how you show up in relationships, how you engage at work.

Loving yourself helps set you up to make higher quality decisions across the board – think about it – we value and hold in high-esteem that which we love most. And it’s making high-quality decisions (eating the best foods, surrounding yourself with healthy, supportive people, investing your professional growth and development) that leads to sustainable peak performance over time.

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