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Love not only feels great, and thus is one of those states that we all want to automatically gravitate towards, but more importantly, is also a human being need (brain requisite) when on a mission to realizing your full human being potential.

That’s right friends, we simply must invest our time, energy and focus towards experiences that connect us to feeling love, because fuelling our brain with this powerful neurochemical is a key strategy in giving ourselves what we need to show up and play our biggest game.

Where our brains run deficit on meeting this Uber important human need, it is bound to maladapt, and meet this need in self-sabotaging ways (too much of the wrong foods, screen time, toxic people) – all of which can roadblock our potential in every area of performance.

Love connects us – which helps nurture those areas of performance that matter most to us – health, self, business and relationships. The stronger the love, the deeper the connection, the stronger the ROI on time, energy and focus investment.

The ROI on love you ask? Perpetual growth which helps us all realize our fullest potential and is what sustainable peak performance is all about.

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