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We are officially 3 weeks into 2019 and so today I want to ask you – how are those New Years Resolutions going so far?

While the stats do nothing for our confidence (remember Google told us last week that only 8% of us realize our 2019 goals), today’s resolution solution strategy sure will.

It’s exactly the 3 week mark where our willpower to consciously make change happen starts to wane and our autopilot starts to pull hard on our attention. Naturally, this is where setbacks and reverts start to kick in.

Don’t sweat it my high-performance friend, I’ve got you covered with this week’s mental training session on ‘Resolution Resiliency’ (click here or below to watch).

I’ve got the ultimate brain training exercise to help you build the mental strength that will hold your growth and development in place, even when hit by the adversity and resistance that you are bound to face when in pursuit of any next level performance goal.

I promise you’ll thank me when you cross that 2019 finish line…:-)

Until next time, make every performance count!

-Coach Susan and The Elite Dream Team

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