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It’s a universal conversation as the clocks worldwide countdown to midnight on December 31st…what do I want to change, improve, do more of, or develop in the year to come?

All that priming in the brain has most of us starting out on a new path come January 01st, with new intentions, new habits to build and new action plans in our hands.

So why are we dropping like flies come this 3 week mark along our new path…?

Our willpower starts to wane and our attention starts to get pulled off the ball and all that valuable priming and thinking about what we want and why we want it gets left behind in the rear view mirror.

The further distance we travel along this new road without the new roadmap in sight, the more disconnected we get from the emotions that support our mission to grow – confidence, clarity and motivation.

Today’s solution for your resolutions is what we like to call resolution reinforcement.

It’s a powerful tool in any Performance toolbox – the valuable brain training exercise of reconnecting with your what and your why.

So take a second to sit and visualize your resolutions – ask yourself what it is that will be different when you achieve them and why is that soooo important to you?

We promise reinforcement of your resolutions like this will go a long way towards the rest of your autopilot decisions in the weeks to come.

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