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Awareness, we always say here at Team Elite, comes before intelligence – you can’t solve it if you don’t acknowledge it.

Now that we’ve unpacked some of the biggest roadblocks to resolution realization, let’s get at some of our top pics for best solution strategies.

We just love to brain train this time of year on the importance of resiliency when it comes to sustaining resolution action stepping.

We call this brain training strategy building ‘Resolution Resiliency’.

The focus here is to notice where you fall off track as quickly as you can and practice decreasing recovery time. Test yourself to notice the gap between where you fall down and how quickly you get back up.

The quicker the recovery time, the stronger the resolution resiliency will become.

Remember, resolution resiliency isn’t a matter of “oh no, if I fall down, will I get back up?” It’s “when I fall down, how quickly will I get back up?”

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