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Are your goals externally or internally motivated?

The #1 New Years Resolution is weight loss, according to Google. Now is this an internal or external goal?…

Let’s face it – most people want to lose weight so that they will look better and get more validation and acceptance from others. Not because they will have more energy and live a longer life.

The problem with externally motivated goals is that they don’t really work. Maybe at first, they fire you up, but they certainly don’t sustain you.

Plus they are outside of your control (which is why they don’t work either).

The trick here is to pull your goals inside of you and make them intrinsically based. Meaning that they really matter and are meaningful to you.

Ask yourself why you want to achieve that resolution? Why is it soooo important to you? Get really clear and connected with the why behind the what -The purpose behind the outcome – and we promise you, it will sustain your efforts and carry you across that finish line. Plus, feel wayyy more satisfying in the end!

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