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Those who fail to plan are really just planning to fail.

We see it all too often – people setting goals or announcing big resolutions for the new year that they simply fail to map out.

They don’t get clarity on the outcome they truly desire (they are far too vague) and they don’t map out a plan as to how they will even get there.

The prepared brain is a happy brain, is what we remind our clients of when in The Mental Gym.

Mapping it out creates clarity (which is both powerful and necessary when asking the brain to go after something new), confidence (stars to build belief in it being possible) and motivation (especially if it’s something you REALLY want).

And having a game plan as to what you must do to make it happen, makes execution far easier and less confusing.

So we ask you…are you making this mistake too? Are are you planning to win with a solid map and game plan for success?

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