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We all love the idea of growth – getting to the next level of our career, growing our business, improving our relationships, losing weight and getting in the best damn shape of our lives!

But let’s be honest – when the rubber meets the road and it’s time to get to work on making the changes required to experience said growth, often times, we throw in the towel because it just feels too damn hard.

So why does it feel so damn hard to grow? Let’s face it – your brain just doesn’t want to have to do it. Especially if you’re already spread too thin, running close to empty or just flat out burnt out already.

Your brain’s preference is to run on established pathways and patterns – that’s right – it would rather coast on autopilot as much as it possibly can. That feels easier to your brain because less mental energy is required when you make automatic choices.

The challenge here is convince the brain that it’s instincts are wrong by telling it what’s really up when it comes to growth vs no growth.

The reality is there is nothing “easy” about allowing the brain’s instincts to get stuck in Groundhog Day ruts. Doing things the same way over and over again, experiencing the same results is excruciating to your soul.

And the truth is that growth actually creates more energy, motivation, momentum and flow in your life – valuable fuel that will give you the resources you need to further invest in your growth.

Some may say growth is hard, but we here at Elite like challenge that association by replacing it with the word “worthwhile.” Sure growth can be hard at first, but the most worthwhile things in life usually are challenging. It’s all worth the effort when you consider what’s on the other side.

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