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We absolutely love this lesson when it comes to #growthmastery – it’s simple, yet powerful – when it comes to growth, it’s progression that’s the goal not perfection.

Too many high-achievers pride themselves on being perfectionists. They feel that holding themselves to impossibly high-standards is a winning strategy when striving for excellence in their work, health, and relationships.

The trouble is that we only get so far with this broken strategy – eventually, our standards become impossible to reach, leaving us feeling like failures or just burnt-out from all the effort.

All of a sudden, we realize we are trapped on the sidelines with this strategy – paralyzed with fear, exhaustion and self-doubt that prevents us from even being able to jump on the field and get in the game, where growth actually occurs.

That is why high-performers pride themselves on progression being their #1 goal, not perfection – as long as I trust myself to show up and do the best I can with the capacity I’ve got today, then I will have the confidence to jump in the ring and start swinging.

Maybe I won’t win every time with this strategy, but I sure as heck will build courage and confidence to go outside my comfort zone, the self-trust that comes with seeing myself do it, I’ll build skill, and I’ll gain valuable feedback for further growth to occur.

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