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When it comes to architecting the mindset for max growth to occur, we have a little anchor statement here at Elite that we love to support our clients with:

“Baby steps are best.”

What does it mean?…when it comes to growth of any kind – changing a habit, building a new one, doing something outside your comfort zone for the very first time – the best approach is to break it down into bite sized, manageable chunks.

Why is this so important you ask? It’s simple brain strategy – when it’s bite sized your brain knows it can do it. This leads to the confidence you need to get started.

When the action steps are too big, it becomes overwhelming for the brain, which can lead to self-doubt, fear, heck, avoiding it all together. All of which WILL NOT get you out of the gates!

Try it yourself today – take one of your Uber important performance goals and try breaking it down into bite sized chunks this week. Make the steps so small and incremental that when you ask yourself “can I absolutely commit to doing this thing today?” The answer comes up a resounding “hell yes I can!”

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