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We get this question all the time – why is it so damn hard to grow? To change? To make improvements to your life?

Well, the answer is pretty simple (and clear) if you’ve been following along with here in The Mental Gym…

You’re up against the brain – the very thing responsible for keeping you safe and alive. And believe us, it takes that job VERY seriously.

One of the biggest ways the human brain does it’s job is by relying on its automatic decision-making patterns, which make up 95-97% of your choices each day.

So what roadblocks growth?…there are so many factors here to explore, but the biggest one is your autopilot and not understanding how to reprogram it.

The starting point to getting unstuck and back onto a healthy growth trajectory is through focused, conscious intention. Clarity is power to the brain and getting clear and concise about the growth you want to see is the first step.

Practice now – test your growth clarity by asking yourself to focus on the growth you want to see. Try closing your eyes and seeing what pops up. Can you picture that next level of your performance happening? If not, that is definitely where getting unstuck begins for you today.

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