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Like we said in our last posts, growth cannot be taken for granted – left to its own devices, the brain’s preference is rinse and repeat.

Especially when we are exhausted, burnt out, overburdened and overwhelmed – who has the energy to think clearly and concisely about growth in this depleted, deficit state anyways?

Well, if you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired of your results, then you know it’s time to lean into growth, because on the other side of it lies the emotional fuel that you crave (and need by the way) – fulfilment, happiness, confidence, full-engagement, flow.

The first step is to assess your current state of growth – how much are you really growing anyways?…

Look back over 2018, at all the significant areas of your performance – health, wealth, self, business, and even your relationships – with the question “how much did I grow in these areas of my life?” And “Why?”

And how do you know you grew or did not? What KPI’s measure your growth (key performance indicators)?

Gaining clarity on your current rate of growth (ROG) is the first step to assessing where you are at – a crucial step to setting you up to maximize your ROG in the weeks to come.

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