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“If you’re not growing your dying,” is something you may over hear a high-performer saying to a colleague.

Sound extreme?…

Not really when you stop to unpack what this statement truly means – if you’re not growing, your staying the same, which to a high-performer is soul stagnation.

Rinse and repeat, yuck, who wants that?

Unfortunately, for those of us out there who are exhausted, mentally and physically tapped right out, it’s all we can do to rinse and repeat each day – “thank-you autopilot brain for helping me keep pace on this treadmill,” a statement overheard by high-achievers out there at some point throughout their day.

But for the high-performer, it’s all about #GROWTH – challenging the status quo, taking risk, pushing past the comfort zone, novelty, evolution, conscious intention…all of which lead to high-ROI emotions like fulfillment, empowerment, and confidence.

But where does one find the energy?…

Stagnation actually depletes more energy than anything because of the emotional toll it takes on you – boredom, apathy, depression, blahhhh, powerlessness….can you relate?

It’s a question of surviving vs thriving – which one sounds like it will give you more fuel over time?

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