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We all experience them – those low quality state, roadblock emotions like fear, self-doubt, apathy and frustration.

The question is, how do we successfully navigate them so that we aren’t sidetracked on our mission to show up, fully engaged and on in full pursuit of our most important performance goals?

In this week’s video, ‘How to Navigate Roadblock Emotions (click here to watch),  I show you the strategy I use with all my high-performing clients to ensure they reach their highest potential in every important area of their performance.

As I teach you in this week’s training, it is imperative that you develop the discipline of reaching for this strategy each and every time you calibrate that you are off your a-game if you are serious about making your goals a reality.

Failing to do so is failing to show up in full integrity with the goals you have committed to and have proclaimed are meaningful and super important to you.

You ARE a high-performer so I know you are not about to fail yourself in this way, right?

Until next time, make every performance count!

-Coach Susan

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