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Happy Wednesday …,

I often times get asked how self-care is a peak state strategy.

A lot of my high-achieving clients have a hard time valuing self-care as it’s not something that yields immediate return on investment like seeking external validation through achievement, perfect results, people pleasing or meeting the needs of others.

I prioritize this ultra-strategic investment as a means of sustaining high-performance and getting into my peak state, and I’ll share with you why in this week’s video, shot live on my self-care vacation in paradise.

Self-care is absolutely my go-to strategy for ensuring that I bring my A-game in all the areas of performance I value most – being a mom, building my business, my workouts, maintaining high-quality sleep hygiene, working day-in and day-out with clients, etc.

Remember, you must think of training your brain like training your body – your brain must rest and recover strategically and periodically in order to make its biggest gains, and perform at its peak when it counts the most.

Until next time, make every performance count!

-Coach Susan

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