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Happy Monday…,

Here we go…we are knee deep in the Olympics and what better time to be taking a deeper look at the concept of Peak State?

I always say that there is no better lab for high-performance than athletics – you can tell everything about the state an athlete is in just by watching them out there performing.

I saw the perfect example of this the other night watching our women’s hockey team play the US. I could tell the very first shift that we were not in a peak state – poor decisions with the puck, uptight physiology, frustration, etc.

In this week’s video training ‘The Roadblock State’ (click here to watch), we take a deeper look at what’s going on beneath the surface that’s preventing you from executing at your peak level of potential.

Since we now know that your state is the quality of the conversation going on between your brain and your body, a crucial next step to effective state management is to get up into your mindset and take a look around.

I’ve got one of my fav tools, “The Hot Thought Log,” in this week’s video to help you get started. All you got to do is hit play.

And to join the conversation this month on Peak State, head on over to our Facebook page ‘The Mental Gym’ (click here).

Until next time, Go Canada Go, and make every performance count!

-Coach Susan

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