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Happy Tuesday,

The votes are officially in and we have chosen the very first brain training topic to dive deeply into over the next month in The Mental Gym. Click here to see the results.

So…what do you think? Is this a topic that you want to learn more about?

Can you relate? Do you struggle with some of the same performance roadblocks our community described?

I invite you to come on over to The Mental Gym and join our community of high-performers, where over the next month, we will dive deeply into exploring this topic from all angles. Click here to check out our page!

I would love to hear about how we can help you specifically, so make sure to visit us and leave a comment letting us know how this month’s topic affects your performance and what you would like to hear/see me address. Click here to leave a comment on our page!

And as always, if you know of someone who could really benefit from getting into The Mental Gym with us to brain train on this month’s topic, recruit them on over to our A-team to join us.

Remember, your highest potential is our passion – let’s unleash it together.

Until next time, make every performance count!
-Coach Susan

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