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Happy Thursday,

Well the day has finally arrived and it’s officially time to open the doors to our new community and welcome you to…

The Mental Gym – Brain Training for High-Performers

Let me start off by introducing you to what it is:

-the mental gym is a community of passionate high-performers looking to unleash their highest state of performance in health, wealth, self, relationships and business

-we are a community of like-minded professionals looking to engage in the latest and greatest in the art and science of peak performance

-we are a community of committed growth mindset performance pros, sharing top-notch strategies in success psychology brain training

-we are driven, empowered, and engaged individuals who want to live life to its fullest and who gather to encourage ways to unleash our highest potential

What we do here?

-we get into the mental gym every day to train our brains for the success we crave

What does that mean?

-if you want to go pro, you’ve got to start thinking and training like a professional does

-there is a huge difference between the dabbler and the professional when it comes to high-performance training

-as high-performers, we must commit to the daily practice of brain training

-that’s how we ensure we maximize our rate of growth

-that’s how we unlock and unleash our peak state of performance potential

How we plan to help you do just that?

-we take the most important high-performance concepts and dive deeply into training them for an entire month

-we explore these key high-performance topics from all angles

-we get under the hood in the brain and target in on the root of what’s roadblocking you

-we bring you the latest and greatest brain training solutions and strategies

-we help you develop a killer game plan

-we hold you accountable

-we push and then cheer you across the finish line

Our brain training toolbox consists of…

-live Q and A sessions
-live events

I’ve designed this community because your highest potential is my passion – I know you’ve got more to give and I’m here to help you unleash it!

But first, I need YOUR help my high-performance friend – help me build this all-star team. If you know somebody who has more to give, share this mission with them and recruit them to our team.

Come on over to our Facebook Group Page and join the team now – I’ve got all kinds of exciting resources waiting for you there. Click here to check out our page!







I can’t wait to see you in The Mental Gym.

Until next time, make every performance count!
-Coach Susan

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