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You read that correctly – I am here today to say good-bye to MoMonday.

The time has come to officially close the door on this MoMonday chapter. After 5 years of getting in front of that camera every Monday morning to bring you the latest and greatest motivational tips, tricks, tools and strategies, it is time for me to close this chapter and begin a new one.

That’s what New Years are all about right? Reinvention, re-invigoration, revamping, revolutionizing!

2018 is all about #growth for me and it starts by reinventing the way that I bring you my very best resources in high-performance brain training.

In this week’s final episode of ‘MoMonday: Good-bye MoMonday (click here to watch),’ I say a final, heartfelt salut to to a chapter in my life and business that has been nothing but rewarding for me.

My grandmother always liked to say “if there were no good-byes, there would be no hellos.’ G’ma was right – with this ending comes the promises of something new and amazing.

I can hardly wait to share with you what’s coming up next. Stay tuned my high-performance friend…

Until then, make every performance count!
-Coach Susan

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