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Happy New Year my high-performance friend!

As you’ve noticed, this month’s MoMonday messages have been focused on building momentum for the new year to come.
Well here we are – it’s officially 2018, so buckle your seat belts because here we go.
I want 2018 to be your best year yet – that’s why I’m hooking my high-performance family up with 50% off my ’30-Day Mental Fitness Challenge,’ which is especially designed for helping you launch towards making your 2018 goals a reality.
But only for the next 7 days, so act fast!
Whether your resolution is to:
-lose weight
-make more money
-improve self-care
-get more clients
-improve the quality of your relationships
-or learn how to get into and maintain a peak state of performance
This course is definitely for you!
What you get?
-me, every single day for 30 days, kicking your butt in The Mental Gym, holding you accountable and guaranteeing consistency by keeping your motivation and confidence high
-30 x daily mini-coaching sessions, accessible to you via video or audio downloads so that you can listen to me anywhere, anytime that is convenient for you
-downloadable toolbox for you to follow along with the exercises each day
-a step-by-step guided tour to growth that pulls from my science-based coaching process that has been getting high-performance results with high-achievers for over a decade
-30 of the most important high-performance   tools, strategies and mental skills required to make any change, shift or improvement happen
To access more info on the course, including how to to score this awesome LIMITED TIME discount, click here.
To score the course absolutely FREE, checkout the Facebook competition I’m running, for your chance to win, click here.
Remember, when approaching any change process, that you’re up against the brain and all of its 95-97% of daily autopilot choices – willpower alone will not sustain you (just look at those empty gyms come February 01st). I’ve got everything that WILL, just one easy click away.
That’s my New Year’s Resolution in action – my commitment to giving you my absolute BEST high-performance support.
Until next time, make every performance count!
-Coach Susan

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