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Happy Monday,

I have a client who is having a hard time following trough on the homework I’ve been giving her lately.

That is because the work I’ve assigned her gets right at the heart of her problems.

The human brain loves to find ways to avoid pain, and believe me, asking it to focus on its problem areas is not something it wants to naturally gravitate towards.

That being said, this work is a crucial part of my client’s process, so I had to lay down some hard coaching to get her over the hump.

In this week’s ‘MoMonday Video: The Relationship With Self (click here to watch),’ I share with you the same message and even the same tool to help get you over the hump too.

When we are too narrowly focused on the problem, we don’t see the larger context of what working hard to overcome the problem will afford us.

Training your brain to make those larger connections is a wonderful strategy to kickstart your motivational drive back into high-gear.

Can’t wait to show you how in this week’s video.

Until next time, make every performance count!
-Coach Susan

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