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Happy Monday,

As someone who sits in a chair all day long helping high-performers improve the quality of results they achieve, I can confidently say that I know what the #1 roadblock to successful change is.

Time and time again, I see clients walk through my door eager to get to the next level of their health, wealth, business and relationships.

While excited to get started, and super motivated at first to put in the work necessary to improve, it doesn’t take long before they find themselves toe-to-toe with their first significant obstacles.

Believe it or not, this is NOT the #1 roadblock to successful goal-setting and goal-getting-it’s what is boiling beneath the surface the moment they realize they may be failing that is.

In this week’s MoMonday Video: The #1 Roadblock to Successful Change (click here to watch),’ I not only lift up the hood on the brain to show you exactly what is occurring beneath the surface in these moments of adversity, but I share with you how to get to the root of the #1 roadblock so that I can help my clients overcome it.

If you are looking to lose weight, make more money, get a promotion at work, get more clients, or improve the quality of a significant relationship, you simply MUST hit play on this week’s video to learn how to overcome the #1 roadblock before it stops you dead in your goal-setting and goal-getting tracks.

Until next time, make every performance count!
-Coach Susan

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