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Happy Monday,

Let me ask you one very important question. Is your autopilot decision-making set up to make strategic short-term investments in choices that yield the long-term results you value the most?

I know mine is because I know that conditioning my brain to do so is what ensures I will experience the results that are most important to me in my life and work.

In today’s ‘MoMonday Video: Straight from My Desk (click here to watch),’ I bring you over to my desk not only for a change of scenery, but to share with you how I do just that.

Little choices like this to strategically break away from the routines of how I work on the daily to invest my valuable resources of time, focus and even money, into something that I know will have a positive domino effect into all areas of my work, are what guarantee I continue to grow and achieve my goals.

I suggest you click play now to learn exactly how I do it so that you too can program your brain to make choices that get you to YOUR most important professional performance outcomes.

Until next time, make every performance count!
-Coach Susan

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