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Happy Monday,

Did you enjoy last week’s MoMonday video where I invited you into my home and onto my morning meditation pillow (if you missed it, click here to watch and make sure to check it out before watching today’s video).

What did you gain from performing that exercise?

Almost every single one of my clients came to me last week raving about the results they achieved from doing one of the very same mediations I use to start my day.

They reported connecting with intuition that guided them to identify the performance roadblocks that were preventing them from achieving their most important performance outcomes.

With this awareness, they were able to think more strategically about what they needed to do to overcome these stubborn roadblocks to their performance.

In this week’s ‘MoMonday Video: Help Manifesting Your Wish List (click here to watch),’ I show you how to use what came out of that strategic exercise to create your very own holiday wish list.

I want you to do this exercise right away and get to listing:

– What’s roadblocking you?
– What you need help overcoming?
– What you need to learn more about?
– What you want more of?
– What you want less of?
– What type of support would help you get what you need to achieve your 2017 high-performance health, wealth, self, career and relationship goals?

Once your list is complete, email it directly to me at:

And I will get right to work in Santa’s workshop on putting together your 2016 Christmas gift (hint, hint…it will be delivered straight to your inbox soon).

Don’t you just love the holiday season?

Until next time, make every performance count!
-Coach Susan

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