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Happy Monday,

I can hardly wait to share this week’s motivational coaching video with you-it’s brought to you straight from beautiful, sunny California-one of my fav places on planet earth.

I’ve been lucky enough to get the opportunity to travel down there a couple of times for work this year, and boy, let me tell you, I can’t help but stop and practice the attitude of gratitude for having manifested such a 10/10 work experience.

A decade into building my business, it feels nothing short of absolutely fantastic to be experiencing the level of success I am currently enjoying. Not only financially, but spiritually and emotionally as well.

Hard work definitely pays off my high-performance friends and it’s important to stop and connect with the victories along the way. It’s actually a strategic investment in creating more victories if you want to know the secret.

In this week’s ‘MoMonday Video: California Inspirations (click here to watch),’ I share with you the path that brought me to this experience.

We all are capable of manifesting the 10/10 work experience and the 10/10 life-with a little help from the Elite: High Performance Coaching toolbox, it really only comes down to commitment and discipline.

I am proud to be able to write this newsletter to you, my high-performance friend, from a vantage point of strong belief-in everything I stand for and bring to you each week in these videos.

Each and every week, I’m writing you the prescription to the 10/10 high quality of life experience-all you have to do is fill it 🙂

Until next time, make every performance count!

-Coach Susan

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