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Happy Monday,

Last week, I dusted off one of my oldie, but goodie, favourite tools of all time. It was one that I used a lot back in the good old days when I was first launching my high-performance coaching practice.

I had such wonderful feedback from clients who reported getting amazing results that I decided to reach back into my personal toolbox for this week’s motivational training session.

When I first started out in my practice, it was about an hour long commute from home. I learned back in the day that one of the most strategic things I could do with that time was use it to learn about new things, especially new things that could help me build my expertise as a high-performance coach.

In this week’s ‘MoMonday Video: The Launch Pad for A High-Performance Day (click here to watch),’ I share with you the habit I formed back then that acted as a launching pad for both my business and my personal state of wellbeing.

It is a habit that I share with many of the world’s most successful and happiest people and therefore, one that could most definitely act as a launching pad for your success too.

You can tell everything about what a person values according to the investment of their most valuable resources. You investing the time it takes to perform this week’s strategy for personal and professional growth and development not only proves that you value getting to the next level in your life and business but it proves you also value strategic investment in your happiness and sense of fulfillment.

Until next time, make every performance count!

-Coach Susan

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