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Happy Monday,

I have a client who is really struggling to make the right choice when it comes to an exercise habit she is trying to train.

She came to me with big intentions to lose 40 lbs, amongst other professional goals, so we are really working on changing her autopilot decision making regarding exercise.

While we have managed to significantly improve her dietary habits, she continues to struggle with managing to get to the gym at the end of each workday.

Mornings just aren’t an option for this busy working mom of 4 so we have to get strategic in our approach to motivating her to get to the gym each night after a long, exhausting workday.

Willpower is at its lowest towards the end of the day. Knowing this, I reached into my own personal toolbox and pulled out one of my favourite tools for activating motivation when it’s needed the most.

In this week’s ‘MoMonday Video: How to Make the Right Choice (click here to watch),’ I show you how to flick that caffeine switch in your brain so that you can make the right choice when it counts the most.

It really is the most effective way to trigger the right state for making self-supportive decisions.

Best of all, it’s not hard and it takes no time to activate. Give it a try and watch yourself moved to engage in any new pattern of behaviour.

Used over a 21 day period, you will train a new self-supportive habit that will last you a lifetime 😉

Until next time, make every performance count!

-Coach Susan

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