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Happy Monday,

Oh man, do I have some top-notch mental training for you today that I can hardly wait to share 🙂

Spring is officially in the air and I’m curious, have you ever thought about spring cleaning your psychology like you spring clean your closets?

Why is it that when the warmer weather finally hits after those loooong, dark winter months, we are triggered to scrub our cars and our homes but not our brains?

Heck, we even cleanse our bodies this time of year. Detoxing is quite popular, after a long winter full of rich foods and hibernating from the gym.

I have a question? What do you think would happen if you thought to cleanse your psychology like you cleansed your body?

What new opportunities would enter into your life IF you made a little extra room for them in your mental closets?

Well I have the answer to that question in today’s ‘MoMonday Video: Mental Detox (click here to watch).’  You may be surprised to learn what failing to spring clean from the inside out is actually costing you.

Not to worry. Most average people don’t think to do a ‘Mental Detox.’ It is not something we are socialized to do.

But you are far from average remember. You’ve proven it by being here today reading this newsletter and watching this motivational training video.

I believe in rewarding that kind of effort, because it is the marker of a high-performance psychology (my fav kind) and quite frankly, positive reinforcement works.

So I’m giving you free training on how to mentally detox this spring in a FREE online workshop with our newest Associate Performance Coach Carlayne Gilbertson, ‘Spring Cleaning From the Inside Out.’

There are only a few seats left to score this awesome free training where she will show you how to set up your very own ‘Mental Detox Strategy.’

All you have to do is email our Assistant Celine at to confirm your seat.

I can hardly wait to see you in class 🙂

Until next time, make every performance count!

-Coach Susan

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