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Happy Monday,

I couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to my latest and greatest motivational tool….

It is Coach Carlayne, our newest Associate Performance Coach, and she is kicking things off as she launches her coaching career here at Elite: High Performance Coaching by stepping in and bringing you today’s Motivational Monday message.

I am thrilled to have her on the team-she is a powerhouse coach, getting tremendous results with clients already and she is going to be coming to all of you in the up coming months via our social media channels, webinars and group coaching workshops (stay tuned for more announcements on where and when).

Time to pass her the ball…Coach Carlayne, Take it away!

Hello my high-performance friends. My name is Coach Carlayne and I am so honoured to be here introducing myself to all of you today.

I have recently joined the Elite: High Performance Coaching team and I couldn’t be more excited!

Partnering with Coach Susan, our fearless leader, alongside our fabulous teammates and clients, gives me the chance to be a part of, what I consider to be a “movement”, “a quest” and a “journey” to helping everyone in our high-performance family architect the ‘High Quality of Life Experience.’

I am hoping you will see me as an added resource, in using the tools and strategies which you have learned over the years with Coach Susan, to develop beyond your own conditioned beliefs. Before we work together, you should know a bit about me, and my approach to coaching.

Most important to me are my 4 amazing children. Really – they are amazing. Far from perfect, sometimes challenging, but nonetheless “amazing”. Mostly, because they have been wonderful teachers in helping me overcome my own limiting beliefs. I have found that understanding that the beliefs that are not empowering you to realize your goals, and are misaligned with your values, will actually manifest in your children, is one of the biggest motivators to make changes in your own life as a parent.

I’ve always been fascinated by the choices people make, and what drives them to get the results they are getting. It is so interesting, the way the mind works, and how people who share similar struggles can have totally different results. It’s true to say that people who create the most successful lives all share one thing in common-they believe they deserve The Best.

Yes folks it’s that simple! When we truly believe in ourselves and make choices that are congruent with our values and spend more time listening to the unconditioned self rather than the conditioned self (or the angel rather than the devil on your shoulders), we can break through fear to success and most importantly, true happiness.

Unfortunately, when we are pummeled with so many beliefs that hold us back from being our true selves, simply just believing in ourselves can become a daunting task.

Soooo that is the real reason I became a coach. I needed to find more belief in myself and I wanted to help others do the same. I’ve spent years immersed in “positive” content, reading countless personal performance self-help books (and still do). I worked for 12 years at Franklin Covey, where I represented the thoughts, tools and principles of one of the worlds top thought leaders of our time. I received my first coaching certification through Robbins Madanes – founded by Tony Robbins & Cloe Madanes.

I mean, I had some serious exposure to some serious change agents.

All of that molded and developed me for who I am today in many positive ways. There was however, still something missing. You guessed it-belief in myself.

I had a serious imposter complex and fear that held me back from finding the success that deep down I knew I was destined to have.

When I found Coach Susan at Elite, I was surely impressed by her success and her story, but mostly I was excited about the process that she had developed. As any successful person knows, having a coach is essential to staying clear on your goals, keeping you accountable and keeping that strong belief in yourself alive.

I started working with Susan and began striping layers of self-doubt away almost immediately. As she supported and guided me in recognizing my limiting beliefs, I had one eye opening experience after another. Over the course of a couple short months, my brain training was reaping new results, I was able to see myself in a whole new light and had the tools, strategies, and a whole new set of empowering beliefs to keep me really motivated in achieving my personal performance goals.

Today, I truly believe in me, and what I can offer others. My skills, experience and natural aptitude to help others are worth so much, in all areas of my life. Believing in myself has helped me to be a better mother as my positive beliefs about myself project on to my children, and I can help them to create more empowering beliefs about themselves, by simply believing in myself!

I want to share that with others. I want YOU to break free from your limiting beliefs and discover the amazing beauty within you so that you feel the magic, and create the life that you want, without limits. What I bring to you, as a Performance Coach is compassion, support, energy, experience, humour, tools, strategies and so much more, but most importantly I bring my belief in you. 

Until next time, make every performance count!

-Coach Carlayne


To join the webinar, email our lovely Assistant Celine, at

Until next time, make every performance count!


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