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Happy Monday,

I can hardly wait to share today’s message with you. It’s all about how I created my very own definition of high-performance health.

As you all know, a bad flu took me down and out 3 weeks ago and as a result, it got me taking a much deeper look at my health. It’s not like me to get taken down for as long as I did so I was curious, how the heck did I get that sick?

I always teach you that awareness comes before intelligence, so naturally, I knew that to solve the problem, I first had to get to the root of the problem.

Thus, The Health IQ Test was created-as a response to trying to get at the root of my health breakdown. Hopefully you all have been doing the exercise over the last couple of weeks. I have and boy, I can’t wait to share with you my results.

In this week’s ‘MoMonday Video: How I Created High-Performance Health (click here to watch),’ I show you how tracking my stress, my exercise, my diet, my sleep and my mood on a scale of 1-10 got me to the root of the problem and thus, allowed me to get strategic in solving it.

I am happier and feeling better mentally, emotionally and physically today than I’ve been in a long time thanks to my commitment to show up for myself and proactively do what I had to do to create high-performance health.

But I have one question still…

How did you do?

I work with extremely busy clients, all of whom complain about not having enough time or energy to focus on tracking their health scores each and every day.

I ask them all the same question-do you write emails? How long does it take you? 5 minutes? And what return on investment do you get from writing those emails? I guarantee it isn’t as high as the one I am going to help you create with this one simple exercise. Just 5 minutes at the end of each day writing an email to yourself measuring your health IQ will absolutely help you get to the top of your health game.

Just imagine where your relationships and career will be when you achieve 10/10 health?…remember you and your health are the vehicle that supports all other areas of your performance.

It’s time to get to work 🙂

Until next time, make every performance count!

-Coach Susan

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