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Happy Monday,

I have a client who is working really hard on building up her self-concept right now (who she believes she is, what she believes she can do and how she feels about that assessment).

She came to me this week feeling down and out because of something her colleague said to her.

Have you ever had that experience? Where a teammate, classmate or work colleague didn’t have your back? Where they weren’t in support of you, didn’t believe in you or flat out sabotaged you in some way?

We are working so hard to strengthen her psychology-planting new positive seeds in her brain (beliefs) and doing everything in our power to nurture and nourish them to grow strong.

The question is, how do we protect the new growth? How do we guard these baby patterns against potential enemies and negative forces?

In this week’s ‘MoMonday Video: Be The Gatekeeper (click here to watch),’ I share with you the very same exercise that I had her do to protect herself against negative influences.

Always remember that it is your choice who you choose to believe. If someone else is judging you or saying something about you that you just flat out don’t agree with or that isn’t in support of you and your goals, it is your choice to accept or reject their opinion.

The most critical factor in you actualizing on your highest potential in any area of your performance is that learn to stand on a strong foundation of self.

You must always know who you are and all that you bring to the table, in any situation. Knowing this and believing in this first and foremost is the key to creating rock-solid confidence that cannot be shaken by anyone.

Until next time, make every performance count!

-Coach Susan

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