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Happy Family Day Monday,

What a perfect day to explore today’s motivational topic-what do you love?…

We are just coming off Valentine’s Day weekend and for those of you who don’t know, my birthday weekend as well.

Naturally, it has me thinking about that very question a lot-what do I love?

I know I love my birthday. How could I not? An entire day devoted to doing all the things I love most-eating my favourite foods, doing my favourite workouts, listening to my favourite music, being with all my favourite people, eating cake 🙂

In today’s ‘MoMonday Video: What Do You Love (click here to watch),’ I explore the concept of doing what you love as a high-performance strategy.

I know, I know-how could love be a high-performance strategy you ask? Well think about it. How could it not be?

I come off my birthday weekend feeling like a million bucks-Investing all those valuable resources of time, energy and focus doing the things I love most. I get the most amazing return on investment emotionally-feeling all of my core desired feelings.

Just imagine the domino effect of that…when I feel happy, fulfilled and in joy I do my best work, as a mother, as a coach and as a business owner.

On Valentine’s Day, we are conditioned to connect with the people we love most in our lives. It’s my belief that you should be at the top of that list. What better way to show yourself that you love yourself than side stepping and doing all the things you enjoy most?

Even though it’s my birthday, I have a gift for you this week. Only caveat is that you have to watch this week’s episode to receive it 🙂

Until next time, make every performance count!

-Coach Susan

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