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Happy Monday,

I’m coming to you today from beautiful, sunny California with a special message about managing big picture priorities.

I’ve been so fortunate to be able to take some amazing trips this year and each and every time I do, I am reminded of one very important high-performance strategy…

The importance of investing your most valuable resources, of time, energy, money and focus, towards connecting with your big picture outcome goals.

Doing so gains you clarity and motivation to do what you have to do in the short-term to make the long-term goal a reality.

I’ve noticed that on each of this year’s trips, stepping outside of my everyday environment and day-to-day routines, has provided me with the opportunity to reconnect with what is most important to me.

Gaining that kind of clarity is what supports you in making congruent every day decisions that get you to your most important long-term goals.

It got me to thinking, why do I wait for a trip to engage in this extremely high-performance process? In this week’s MoMonday Video: Big Picture Priorities (click here to watch), I share with you my very own, personal thought process on how to set this kind of high-performance strategy up in your everyday routines.

Connecting with the big picture priorities is key to high-performance in everything you do:

-it supports your short-term and long-term motivation

-it builds confidence

-it helps you to prioritize your every day decision making

-it supports greater levels of focus and clarity

-it shows you where you are on and off track in your approach

-it helps you develop action steps as to what needs to happen first, second and third to get you to your long-term goals

Until next time, make every performance count!

-Coach Susan

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