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Happy Monday,

I had a client today who is on a new health plan and is headed up to the cottage, where she knows she is going to be surrounded by all kinds of food triggers. Understandably, she was quite worried that she would be overcome by temptation.

We’ve all been there-setting out on a new goal-setting and getting journey, full of hope and desire to achieve some massive shift in our day-to-day results. Early on, we are engaging in, and trying our best to stick to, all sorts of new behaviours that are not yet autopilot decisions (which requires a whole lot of mental fortitude and careful planning).

So how do we prepare ourselves to enter into environments where we know to expect certain powerful triggers? I always say that those who fail to plan are really just planning to fail. In this case, what that translates into is the importance of developing a strategy on how to overcome such triggers before entering into the challenging environment.

In today’s ‘MoMonday Video: How To Overcome Your Triggers (click here to watch)’, I share with you the exact personalized strategy that I helped my client develop in preparation for entering into her challenging environment.

Take a few moments after watching today’s video to sit and develop your very own strategy on how overcome your most powerful and challenging triggers by following these key steps:

-identify your #1 performance goal right now

-identify the biggest triggers you face and need help overcoming (things that could lead you to engage in old, self-sabotaging behaviours)

-identify the most common environments where you will face those triggers

-identify the pain associated with giving into those triggers

-identify the pleasure associated with successfully overcoming those triggers

-develop the new story (empowering beliefs that support the outcome you desire)

-plan where and when to activate these associations and new beliefs in those challenging environments where you will face these powerful triggers in the up-coming week

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure my high-performance friend, and there is no better form of prevention (when is comes to preventing falling off-track with your high-performance goals) than developing your very own strategy for overcoming your biggest and most powerful triggers.

Until next time, make every performance count!

-Coach Susan

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