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If you had a time machine and could fast forward to the future, would you? I hope that your answer would be yes. When we talk about goals, we have to think of the future and what we want our outcome to be. This is essential for our success.

When someone asks you what your goals are, what do you say? “ I want to loose five pounds”, “I want to make 10, 000$ more in sales this year”, “I want a raise”, or “ I want to move into my dream home”. These are all awesome goals, and your WHY factor for achieving these is essential. What is also crucial is really EXPERIENCING what achieving your goal is going to feel like. What did you do to get there? Who was there with you? What were you wearing? What did you smell? What did you see? What did you feel? What was your body language like? What was the background noise? Where did it take place? The more questions your can ask yourself, the better.

“The details aren’t the details. They are the design.” – Charles Eames.

Why are all the details important? The more vividly you can picture yourself achieving your goal, the more your brain perceives your visualization as an actual event. This creates pathways in your brain, and it will recognize them in the future. How does this help you achieve your goal? When you are in situations that are going to bring you closer to your goal, your brain will remember the pathways that were triggered during your visualization. Remember, 95-97% of our daily decision making is subconscious; therefore, you are helping change your autopilot. Your decision-making automatically supports your plan for success, bringing you closer to your goal.

Remember to keep dreaming big. Visualize your goal as often and in as much detail as you can, and make every performance count,

Coach Allyson

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