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Happy Monday,

My clients ask me all the time “Susan, what do you do to get motivated to do things you just don’t want to do?”

I was at the end of a really hard workout the other day and my muscles were maxing out. I had 10 hill sprints left and my brain was engaging in thoughts like “how the heck am I ever going to finish this workout? I’m exhausted? I’ve worked hard enough today haven’t I?”

Then someone walking by stopped me and asked me if I was training for the ‘Pan-Am Games’? This was just what I needed to kick my motivation into high-gear 🙂

It got me thinking like the professional athlete I used to be-recounting all the times I had to dig deep in the third period or at the end of a killer dry land session. I remembered all the amazing results I got from digging deep and activating one last final push across that finish line.

I call this ‘The Mental Pep Talk’ and it is a top-notch, performance-enhancing tool I love to use with my clients ( click here to watch me train you on how to use it in today’s MoMonday Video).

I want you to test this tool out for yourself the next time you are faced with trying to get motivated to do something you just don’t want to do (working out, eating healthy, doing an important work activity you’ve been procrastinating on).

I promise you that you will literally feel your physiology change the more you engage in the mental pep talk exercise-as though someone had flicked the caffeine switch in your brain.

Most importantly, make sure to link the results you see to having successfully engaged in the exercise. Doing so will add further motivation fuel to the fire and you will have an even easier time flicking that switch the next time around.

Until next time, make every performance count!

-Coach Susan

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