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Greetings my high-performance friends.  For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Allyson, and I am the newest associate coach here at Elite High Performance Coaching. I am super excited to be able to start blogging with you all.

Other than my love and passion for coaching, my background is also in Nursing and Personal Training. Both are careers that involve working in supportive relationships with others to help them achieve their personal goals. As a personal trainer, lots of clients come to me wanting to change their physical appearance. A couple of inches around the waist, a few pounds on the scale, more definition in certain areas, and the list goes on. The theme that resonates loud and clear through all this is clients feel that they need to increase the amount of physical work they are doing to achieve the physical result that they crave.

NEWSFLASH-While wanting to create a change in your physical appearance is great, it is SO MUCH deeper than just doing the physical work. The most important muscle to train in your body that is going to facilitate effective change of any type is your BRAIN. Yes, this muscle takes up 2% of our body weight weighing in at a whopping 1.3-1.4 kg. It is 15 inches long, and contains 100 billion neurons, which are responsible for the communication between our brain and body, the outside environment, and the actions and reactions that we engage in based on our interpretation of this stimuli.

Other than the sheer importance of its key role in our survival, the way we think about ourselves is also essential when we are wanting to make a change. Our mindset and belief system is the most important factor when it comes to producing a desired change or achieving a specific result.

Believing I can versus I can’t, focusing on the positive changes we have made versus the lack of progress we have made is crucial when we look at our results. The more positive we can think about ourselves and our progress, the more confident and optimistic we will feel. When we are in this type of resourceful state, we are more likely to notice opportunities and engage in behaviours that will help support us and bring us closer to our goals rather than engaging in self-sabotaging behaviours.

So next time you step in front of a mirror at the gym, lace up your running shoes, or roll out your yoga mat, focus on the positive. What is it that you want? What have you done today that has brought you closer to your goal? How does it make you feel knowing you have come one step closer to what it is you desire?

Until next time, happy training and remember to make every performance count!

-Coach Allyson


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