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Happy Monday,

Boy am I excited to share today’s MoMonday Video with you 🙂

I’ve been working on this manifestation moment for a looooonnnnggg time and it has been quite the journey getting here-filled with your typical performance roadblocks, mental obstacles and emotional challenges.

I’m proud and excited to come you my high-performance friend, from the set where we are shooting my very first online coaching program. Here is why:

-this has been one of the biggest 10/10 outcome goals I’ve been working on in the last year

-it has been the most challenging thing I have pushed myself to do in my career so far

-it is one of the most important leaps I have taken outside my comfort zone ever

-it is linked to my MOST important why factor (click here to find out what that is and to watch this week’s ‘MoMonday Video: My Manifestation Moment on Set’)

I just love that I can walk my talk for all of you by giving you an inside peak to my very personal and very important goal-setting and getting journey. I tell you all the time that the reason I believe in these tools I teach soooo much is because they flat out work. What better proof than to see me standing in my 10/10 outcome experience today?

I challenge you all to borrow my proof (my manifestation moment) and use it as motivational fuel to look back over the many top-notch motivational tools I have delivered to you over past MoMonday videos and reconnect with your favourite one for activating that drive and desire we call motivation. Then you too can achieve your very own manifestation moment 🙂

Until next time, make every performance count!
-Coach Susan

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