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Happy Monday,

I had a very interesting conversation with my client the other day where we got into a very heated debate about motivation.

My client came through the door ready to tell me alllllll about the many aspects of her career that she cannot control. She was furious and frustrated beyond belief. Major emotional roadblocks to her success.

While I am compassionate for what my client is feeling as she faces the many roadblocks of trying to get to the next level of her career, it is my job to keep her focused on what will sustain her motivation and keep her in an empowered state.

In this week’s MoMonday Video: ‘What Can I Control’ (click here to watch), I give you the inside scoop as to how I coached her through this common performance roadblock.

The biggest obstacle we all face when trying to achieve any performance outcome goal is managing our focus-It quite literally acts as the catalyst to every single choice you make.

Focus on the wrong things and watch your choices and behaviours sabotage the results you crave.

Focus on the right things however, and watch your self-talk improve, start to feel more motivated and empowered and your choices and behaviours start to support the results you are after.

Until next time, make every performance count!

-Coach Susan

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