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Happy Monday,

Notice something out of the ordinary…?

I’m coming to you at the end of the workday this Monday instead of at the start of it. Why you may be asking?

The brain loves variety/novelty. It literally lights up like a firecracker when you introduce something new into your everyday routines. It highlights it as important and catches your conscious awareness (that’s right-no more autopilot to worry about taking over when in this mode).

That’s a strategic coaching move by yours truly-I wanted to catch your brain’s attention so that you really benefited from today’s MoMonday Video: How to Trick Your Brain into Motivating You (click here).

Your brain runs on neuro-associations (that’s how we make all those autopilot decisions). So if you are struggling to find a way to get motivated when your mental, emotional and physical resources are down, try finding some kind of behaviour that is already associated to the thing you are trying to get motivated to do-it will literally trick the brain into motivating you to do it.

Planning ahead is an essential part of this strategy so PLEASE take some time to create a game plan here and decide which behaviours you will commit to following through on at the start of the day when your mental, emotional and physical resources are at their peak-it is s self-supportive way for you to set the stage for your success.

Until next time, make every performance count!
-Coach Susan

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