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Happy Monday,

I just love this time of year-for many different reasons. The sun is shining and everyone is outdoors soaking up every second of it whenever they can. With the sunshine comes an amazing buzz of energy-I know that my workouts have especially benefited from it.

I must admit, like many of you, I too sometimes struggle to get the motivation to do things that I know are important. When it is raining or cold out, it can be hard to lace up those running shoes and head outside for my notorious runs.

So…what do we do to spark our motivation to make the right decisions when the sun isn’t shining and the energy isn’t buzzing? In today’s MoMonday video (click here); How to Make the Best Choice, I deliver one of my favourite top-notch tools for supporting me in those moments where I am battling to make the best decision.

Take a few moments now to identify that really important performance outcome goal that you are working towards achieving (a promotion at work, a better connection with your significant other, losing 15 lbs)-and remember to get clear and specific.

Next, identify moments of choice where you battle to make the best decisions-clearly map out the wrong choices and the right ones. Then, I want you to make a strong intention to use ‘playing the tape forward’ in those moments of choice over the next week to support you in your efforts to make the best choice-the one that will lead you towards your ultimate goal.

I promise you that if you utilize this performance-enhancing tool this week, by week’s end, you will have accumulated many more more victorious moments of choice and be a lot closer to achieving your desired outcome.

Until next time, make every performance count!

-Coach Susan

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