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I get asked all the time-what is mental strength? And why is it sooooo important?

Mental strength is a combination of mental qualities-like the ability to focus on what you can control in any situation, the ability to look at challenges as opportunities and setbacks as feedback (and I always say that feedback is gold). Mental strength is what results from a constant and continuous dedication to personal growth and development. And as team Canada sports psychologist Dr. Peter Jensen explains:

Engaging in one’s own personal growth and development is what it takes to ignite the 3rd factor to high-performance success (the other 2 factors separating the best from the rest are nature and nurture of course).

I teach my clients that they wouldn’t expect to have a strong, fit body without getting into the gym routinely or putting nourishing food into their bodies and the brain is no different. If you expect your brain to produce strong decisions, performance-enhancing emotions and powerful results, you’ve got to get into that mental gym daily and train your brain the same way you would your muscles.

Check out our MoMonday Video on Mental Strength to learn all about how to build your mental strength.

Remember to make every performance count!
-Coach Susan

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